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Luncheon Symposium CIT 2013

2014-07-06 19:24:07
During CIT 2013 on 28th March,  Beijing hosted its Luncheon Symposium named: ‘From China to US, how long does it take to reach perfect endothelialization?’. The latest results of OCT analysis of a 12 month comparative study were released. This symposium was chaired by Prof. Bo Yu from 2nd affiliated hospital of Harbin Medical University and Prof. Shubin Qiao from Fuwai hospital CAMS & PUMC.
A follow-up on CIT 2012 compared the results of 3 and 12 months on the endothelialization process between BuMA™ and XIENCE V. Considerable publicity was generated for its unique trial design comparing BuMAto XIENCE V and implanting both types of stents in the same lesion, vessel and patient in order to reduce blood vessel variances. Dr. Jingbo Hou from the 2nd affiliated Hospital of Medical University of Harbin has released significant and outstanding 12 month results with BuMA™ reaching superior outcomes in strut coverage. Parameters such as malapposition, protruding and embedding were all significantly better for BuMA™ after 12 month observation. (Click here for more information on this study)
Furthermore, Dr. Renu Virmani from CVPath in U.S revealed her OCT swine coronary analysis comparing BuMA™ with XIENCE V. The design of the study was the same as with human OCT analysis conducted by Jingbo Hou, M.D. In this research, both BuMA™ and XIENCE V showed complete endothelialization in 45 days, and also excellent neointimal coverage even after 14 days. Also, all histological parameters were comparable between BuMA™ and XIENCE V. Finally, OCT analysis has shown accurately measured neointimal thickness with excellent correlation with histology.
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