Distal Protective Device
Distal Protective Device

Distal Protective Device

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  • Shape memory alloy-nitinol frame provides excellent superelasticity and appropriate radial strength for the filter umbrella.
    Central symmetry structure of filter umbrella ensures close wall contact.
    Well-distributed Radiopaque markers ensure precise positioning of the filter.
  • TPU membrane with evenly distributed 100um micropores by laser shooting maintains normal distal blood flow while capturing embolus.
    Flexible tip design, hydrophilic coating on the delivery system, rapid exchange delivery design improves crossability and trackability also for complex tortuous vascularity.
  • Guide wire is designed with a extendable structure which makes guide wire length switching ( 3000mm or 1800 mm ) more convenient.

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Reference No. Nominal Filter
Diameter (mm)
Indicated Vessel
Diameter (mm)
Delivery Sheath
Diameter (French)
Retrieved Sheath
Diameter (French)
Length (mm)
AR-05 5 4~5 3 4 1400
AR-06 6 5~6 3.5 4 1400
AR-07 7 6~7 3.5 4 1400
AR-08 8 7~8 3.5 4 1400
Guide Wire Diameter 0.014"
Guide Wire Length 1800mm/3000mm