Ablation Catheter
3D Irrigated Ablation Catheter

3D Irrigated Ablation Catheter

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3D irrigated ablation catheter, combined with Columbus™ 3D EP Navigation System, provides physicians with a comprehensive solution for the diagnosis and treatment of arrhythmias. It helps physicians effectively maneuver the ablation catheter in the body during procedures by providing precise location of the catheter curve in the body and collecting cardiac ECG signals. Currently, catheter ablation is gaining wide acceptance in the treatment of arrhythmias.



  • Accurate 3D localization of the catheter tip
    Multiple embedded sensors realize real time curve visualization on 3D navigation system
    Open irrigation provides uniform cooling of the tip electrode and ensures stable power del


Model Length (cm) Diameter (F) Curve/Color Electrodes Spacing (mm) Poles
EPN8BTC 105 8 B/Red 2-5-2 4
EPN8DTC 105 8 D/Blue 2-5-2 4
EPN8FTC 105 8 F/Orange 2-5-2 4
EPN8JTC 105 8 J/Black 2-5-2 4